Our classes


The Preschool Cooks
from 3 to 5 years old


The course (duration: 1h30) takes place in the presence of an accompanying parent. We teach the child the basic rules of hygiene by showing them how to wash their hands properly before starting. After explaining the recipe, we explain how to handle the kitchen utensils and prepare the different ingredients before moving on to the actual cooking.

The benefits for children aged 3 to 5 years:

  • He/she strengthens his/her body motor skills and develops his/her fine motor skills.
  • He/she awakens his/her palate to new flavors, new tastes (salty, sweet, bitter, acid…) and learns to distinguish different tastes.
  • He/she develops his 5 senses through the discovery of food
  • He/she develops its vocabulary and learns to describe more precisely what he/she likes/dislikes.
  • He/she spends a moment of complicity and sharing with the parents


The Mini Cooks
from 4 to 6 years old


During this cooking and pastry-making class (duration: 1h30), the child realizes a complete recipe. The course is divided into several stages, including: understanding the recipe, discovering ingredients, washing food, preparing, tasting, testing, seasoning, learning certain gestures, handling utensils, etc. From the age of 4, the child has acquired a certain degree of autonomy and is capable of following this course alone. That’s why the Little Cooks workshop is kids only!

The benefits for the children from 4 to 6 years old :

  • They continue to strengthen their fine motor skills by handling small ingredients.
  • They develop their creative spirit and their imagination.
  • They develop their self-confidence and concentration
  • They are exposed to mathematical concepts (division, fraction…)
  • They discover fresh food (fruits, vegetables), their origin (earth, plant, tree…) and learn how they are produced/cultivated.


The Little Chefs
from 6 to 12 years old


During this cooking and pastry class, the child discovers the recipe and makes it along with our indications and advice. If we accompany the child throughout the recipe, it is the child who carries out each step. From the discovery of the ingredients to the preparation of the mixtures, the child can be proud of its dish.


The benefits for children aged 6 to 12 :

  • They express their creativity in cooking and baking
  • They deepen their vocabulary
  • They develop their mathematical skills (units of measurement, fractions, multiplication, etc.)
  • They strengthen their dexterity with the acquisition of new gestures (cutting, mixing, peeling, etc.)
  • They reinforces their autonomy and self-confidence


The Top Chefs
from 12 to 15 years old


The course is given in the evening (duration 2 hours). Teenagers favor their social relationships and aspire to a certain independence. This is why we have created cooking and pastry classes designed for their needs. Our classes are an opportunity for them to learn how to eat healthy, with recipes that are easy to reproduce, while evolving in a place that combines education and conviviality.


The benefits for the 12 to 15 year old :

  • They broaden their dietary palate
  • They learn techniques that will be useful in their life as a young adult
  • They develop their autonomy in the kitchen and their self-esteem
  • They acquire good eating habits and learn the importance of a healthy, sustainable and balanced diet.
  • They will develop their culinary curiosity and food tastes.

Our activities


Birthday party


Want to celebrate your child’s birthday in an original way? Opt for the special MaWaKa birthday package:

  • Course of the party :
    • Arrival, introduction and explanation
    • Put on aprons and wash hands
    • Cooking or baking the recipe
    • Eating together
    • Cake with candles (Happy birthday)
    • Opening gifts
  • Choose your recipe (One recipe of your choice to cook or bake at the party) :
    • Pizza (theme)
    • Quiche with seasonal vegetables
    • Homemade tagliatelle with tomato sauce
    • Chicken Fajitas
    • Crusted salmon
    • Seasonal fruit tartlets
    • Biscuits (theme)
    • Muffins (theme)

The MaWaKa birthday package includes the recipe (cooking or baking), water (fruit and herb flavoured), raw vegetables and hummus, marble cake and popcorn (small gift to take home). The birthday cake is a marble cake made in advance by our team. All other cakes must be brought by you.

Price: 35€ per child (host child + guests)

Duration: 2 hours

When: Saturday afternoons from 1:30 to 3:30 pm OR from 4 to 6 pm

Where: MaWaKA cooking and pastry school

A minimum of 8 children is required (max. 12 children). Only the organizing parents (or referring adults) may accompany the children during the party.

The exact number of children is to be confirmed 1 week before the party and the balance of the amount to be paid is to be transferred at that time as well.


Holiday camps & activities


During the school holidays, our cooking and baking school welcomes your children.
During the Easter holidays, activities will again take place in the morning and afternoon at Mawaka.
You can register your child:
– in the morning
– in the afternoon
– several mornings (reduced rate)
– several afternoons (reduced rate)
– the day (9am-12pm and 2pm-5pm, reduced rate)
Programme: Cooking, baking and crafts
The activities are for children from 6 to 12 years old.
Here are the times:
– morning: 9am – 12pm
– afternoon: 2pm – 5pm
We speak all languages (LU, FR, DE, EN), everyone is welcome.





MaWaKa regularly organizes one-off events.

Check the calendar to book!